My dog killed a bunny n the backyard this mroing. Now that she has had a taste of blood will she turn n 2 Cujo?

That is the Easter Rabbit.Your canine is gonna develop into a chocolatte Mojo.


Yes, your doggy will currently stalk people and wait for top time in order to jump giving you while you sleep and rip bonce off.Make sure you have your pet dog put for you to sleep because it will remove all additional animals and humans as part of your neighborhood…if they taste blood you will be screwed

Cujo got rabies.

Unless the rabbit had rabies, and that is unlikely, then there is absolutely no reason to consentrate your dog could be any distinct than it had been yesterday.

Most dogs eat meat.Raw as well as otherwise.Thats like saying a new human could turn right serial killer because they ate steak tartar.

if it is a real q, no i have taken each of my most dogs rabbiting plus none of which have ever previously been horrible, most puppies have prey drive it’s normal until you socialise your pet with whichever you don’t want it to wear the dining table it will believe it is doing the correct thing

My puppy eats uncooked meat as well as consumes blood every day.She is using a raw eating habits.That is simply a pure thing to get a dog to try and do.Your puppy is very good.She is not going to change you bit.

Cujo acquired rabies, that possessed NOTHING related to the so called “taste involving blood”

Many, many puppies eat a new raw diet and acquire the “taste with blood” daily and are usually perfectly great.

First coming from all Cujo have rabies, and also was injured, he for no reason bit this bat.Second why could you think that to start with Your dog is fine just be sure that she’s her photos.


Now i’m guessing anyone haven’t really read Cujo…if you had, you’d understand that Cujo decided not to kill to get fun, although was in fact insane via having shortened rabies.

Ruh Ro Rorge!

Was this bunny a girl too Very well she’s likely to commence sweet, special humping different dogs these days.Let’s merely hope the girl doesn’t transform into a lesbian.Lesbian bestiality can be a sin.

As long as it wasn’t a ware-rabbit, she’ll always be safe from turning out to be Kujo.But don’t turn your own back against your hamburgers around the grill in case she’s all over….

No it’s a natural instinct to kill anyway
Dogs feed on meat on a regular basis they find out what it tastes like and perhaps they are born by using urge in order to kill
Monitor her

Ha.If you read that the book you would know that bats offered Cujo rabies


possibly be very afraid

Prolly really….hey….might you send me a number his foam, I need to mend some holes in my own curlers.

probably certainly not.

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