My dog just ate some cookies !?

My own dog simply ate any CRAP fill of Danish-Butter Biscuits.
I’m certainly not completely positive that’s the real name or maybe whatever, but these are traditional cookies sold in like round tin cardboard boxes.Some are generally completely plain whilst others have sugars crystals about it.These cookies are often sold around christmas time frame.
Nicely, yeah, my doggy ate a number of, and I’m not just talking 4 or 5.I’m talking several at many!
He knocked it heli-copter flight table plus devoured as much as he could before MY SPOUSE AND I returned back up the room.
He’s in relation to 2 years of age.A german born husky blend.What a few pointer do!
gives thanks in state-of-the-art!

Your dog cannot come to any damages, his ‘poohs’ might be strange for two days! A lot do nearly anything special, it’s most likely a 1 off and you may be extra careful future time where by you depart them.

Is it what you require Gooooood chance (:

ITS AWESOME It might be help.

Point with the crumbs to the floor an the package, than state ” bad dog” from a stern thoughts loudly that will it in addition to spray mint spray to the box along with force your ex to smell it

he will get diarrhea in addition to probly puke nonetheless nothing to fret about..if you need the cookies back you can try to induce vomiting:)

He are going to be fine; ) simply watch when you get away from the cookies from currently on

He’ll always be fine! A totally cookies hehe, my own german shepard dined on a batch of clean brownies:/ this individual was fine

give him some milk

your dog can be a big b post t ** -__-.

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