My dog is acting weird. Help me?

Hence my puppy is performing reallyyy weird.When We have my provide around your ex, shes relax, but god forbid MY SPOUSE AND I move my own arm shes spazzing out and about wanting me personally to family pet her and also wanting me to keep her.Soo …with that will She’s under no circumstances acted like this before Are these claims something POST should be troubled about

my dog does that too dude, its okay to present her interest, but dont yes her a lot of attention, she’ll be throughout you being a drunk chick at the house gathering.

What does one mean by you think she is within heat, there are actually very noteworthy signs if she is like internal bleeding, her parts are going to be very irritated, her moods will change from everyday, even instant to moment, her testosterone are everywhere, one time she could be all over you the next she may wish to be still left alone, she will be hence confused about how exactly she senses, bless your ex, give her as much attention since you can to reassure your ex that shes all right.

Get doggy spayed :problem solved

Maybe shes throughout heat

is your lady in heating.

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