My dog has bumps on his back. What could they be?

This particular morning, I seen a few silver dollar-sized jostles on our boxer/lab’s back stretching through neck that will rear.They don’t appear in order to bother him or her, and he / she still acts identical.I haven’t so much given your ex any odd food, or completed anything having him outside normal.Has anyone else found this

It may be an allergic reaction for you to something.It will not necessarily should be a reaction to somewhat of a new food.It can be quite a seasonal response.Like humankind have seasonal allergen hypersensitivity so might dogs.

Well, my own golden retriever possessed something equivalent…they just ended up being fat lumps.Fat deposits prefer that are prevalent in certain kinds of dogs, but it is surely worth some considering the next time your pet goes towards vet

take him towards the vets-could end up being cancer/fat lumps

maybe it truly is his back.

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