My dog has a possible neck injury ?

Earlier if the mail followed he ran on the door to have it (we have got a mail slot from the door), if the mail followed in they yipped.I decided not to see what happened but I notion he struck his at once the mailbox slot when it d.I took him to the vet and they said your dog was fine.

Even so, now his or her neck appearance swollen your dog won’t move much in addition to sometimes this individual cries through pain.I’m using him on the vet every day but that is definitely about 12 hours from now.What can i do if this is a neck damage How severe could that be

It might be anything from your whip lash to your herniated compact disk.Both are usually extremely distressing.Put canine in a crate that will minimize all movement.Disc problems can result in paralysis.

Is generally there an down hours site in your case I know if some thing bad happens at three every day their out of site hours is open up 24 6 and most of us take these people there.In the event the Vet isn’t readily available for home message or calls.They stabilize them and address the difficulty at palm.It’s quite simply an EMERGENY ROOM for pets.

If this is not an method, just continue him very still.Strengthen the throat.With some sort of towel and also something.Just simply keep the pup very still.And quiet.All the top to an individual.Use a person’s instincts and also hang upon.

just as being a human you ought to ice it to keep the inflammation down be certain he comfortable also , you mite manage to take him on the vet now it will cost a whole lot but whenever it appear that bad i would take him now

Don’t aim to treat your dog yourself.If this is a neck injuries, this might be very, extremely serious!

U shouldnt put it off….go towards the vet just in case this is definitely serious.

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