My dog had a sezuire today will he have another one any time soon?

It really is impossible to find out if he’ll seize yet again.The best thing that can be done is get your pet to the vet sooner as opposed to later.

The vet will be able to run medical tests and aim to establish the cause of the seizure.After you know the main cause you might formulate a treatment solution with your own vet to test to minimize the possibility of virtually any future seizures.

Everyone and I hope your mate is ALRIGHT.

It relies upon.Sometimes dogs could have a seizure and then never have another one.However, it can be that they will have lasting seizure problems.You ought to watch your dog very properly.If he’s another seizure, take him on the vet instantly.If your dog should have cluster seizures, a few in a short period, he runs danger of mental damage.As a general rule, if your dog has one more seizure, he should have a few tests, MRI, backbone fluid faucet, x-rays, continue work, to often look for what is wrong.It can be an unknown cause and they also will detect idiopathic epilepsy and put your dog on phenobarbital.usually that may control your seizures and also the dog will certainly live some sort of relatively usual life using the medication in fact it is very low-priced if this works.You’ll find other meds that they are added if the pheno enough alone but this is way jumping the rifle here.I have a dog that has seizures in fact it is hard to cope with.During that seizure, canine does not really feel pain which is paralyzed and also blind.You might want to control that movements, like wrap your pet in your soft umbrella and delay until the idea passes.It will take the opportunity for the sight along with movement to come back.Then they could have numerous symptoms following on from the seizure includes passed.Stay together with your dog plus protect your ex from negatively affecting himself and to ensure he will not have a different seizure.Again, if your dog has one more seizure, you need to take him towards vet immediately as possible very hazardous.Good beginners luck.I will certainly pray available for you.This is not easy.

more compared to likely not right away.My canine has seizures too and they also progressively become increasingly more frequent.For him another seizure don’t come for two months later I would take your pet to your vet simply to be secure, and perhaps get these some medications

If everyone didn’t previously, you must call your vet QUICKLY.Unless you’re already less than the advice of an vet in this condition, WE suppose.

Didn’t you recently ask this specific By golly, an individual did!

I’ll let you know the same thing as I did in this last reply – You might want to consult your current vet.

He could.You have to probably go to a vet in the event you haven’t already.They’ll help your pet.

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