My dog had a seizure what should I do?

It was yesterday.In the past few week he has been simply laying around not undertaking much.He had not been greeting in addition to his joyful self.the other day he have two seizures along with at just one point he or she was just laying upon his negative and experienced a reject stare intended for about a pair of min and also so.It took about any hour and then he got up as if nothing had happen

A seizure is serious plus needs a new vet to check out the canine.A one-time seizure is usually hard to help diagnose nevertheless because it could be a health problem or pet could include gotten into some toxin etc.If the dog offers multiple seizures in the day as well as over numerous days, typically medication is necessary to control the matter.

well my dog features seizures also…its your sad thing to view but you’ll want to take it towards vet and get them carry out dog is usually on pills that guide her a decent amount..she hasnt experienced a seizure considering that.Just speak about whats right together with your vet.i hope i aided!

Sitting on the computer and asking people online is just making the condition worse whenever a something inappropriate with him.

Take him towards vet that can properly diagnose your dog and give you a hand.
Not people via the internet.

There tend to be no shortcuts here – vet, to learn exactly what’s happening, and if possible, for treatment.Seizures can be treated clinically, but in the event left, will most likely only get worse.

Please have him into a vet as soon as possible.Not limited to the seizure, but to learn what prompted the seizure.

take him towards vet.

take your dog to that vets

Vet now


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