My dog fights with my cat and she gets hurt whenever she does but she wont stop.. What should i do?

Your lover gets throughout fights using our SOME year previous cat.All of us know the reason she really does it, cause jane is jealous associated with him trigger he appeared to be here primary, but whenever he assaults her she doesn’t understand to not ever do this anymore.He features made your girlfriend yelp along with her lose blood but the lady just seems to not ever care and she should stop nonetheless we don’t learn how to stop them.Please guide, Thank people:)

crate training can be a wonderful issue.Don’t give yet another attention versus other.Whenever they can see both from that crates, they will often begin to be able to tolerate both.

you need to seperate these individuals.just seperate these individuals.far away from each different, like with each side of the house.

you should put the dog around the leash or from a kennel when nancy bad plus yell SIMPLY NO!

stop these people! lolz.

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