My boyfriend’s dog doesn’t leave me alone all of a sudden and the other dogs aswell?

Me personally and my boyfriend continues to be together with regard to 5 years now.His / her mini Dobermin never followed me personally around.But now without knowing why , the dog wont give my facet He sleeps having me go’s towards bathroom along with me stays by the side 24/7.
Its weird for me because your dog never have it before.
I hardly understand why
Can any individual explain that

Are people pregnant

sometimes puppies just from no where make it happen seems it’s taken the particular role connected with being protective of you i would enjoy this it may well come around handy some day if anyone tries that will harm you

It’s sweet.You’re more than there enough for you to gained his / her trust and also he likes you.You shouldn’t be mad concerning this.Enjoy that attention.

Whatever you do, don’t create a shower with the dog in the room.
He’ll rape you.

He right now considers you his bunch leader and he or she is following you around.Which is what dogs do.

It only took your ex boyfriend 5 a long time to warm-up to you! Dogs tend to be social animals so you are your member connected with his “pack” Enjoy your darkness:).

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