My betta is not eating the bloodworms I give it?

It is a female fish useally consumes pelets but thought to buy bloodworms as a treat.Put any pinch associated with freeze dried bloodworms while in the tank and also she could not even feel them bought her your pelet and gobbled this up.I believed bloodworms were a treat!

She isn’t going to recognize these individuals as food.
Wiggle a person’s finger around the place that the bloodworms usually are, making these move.That would make it click.When she understands, she’ll gobble ’em way up.

it may not be used to it but, my betta didnt have many for the first few days or hence then that started gettting familiar with them! hope that will help:)

I need ideas of why, however my women betta for no reason will take in them possibly.The masculine betta will probably eat these folks right in place, though.Weird!

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