My betta fish died… her gils looked inflamed and red around the edges. Did she suffocate?

I feel like I did something wrong.But your lover appeared great this early morning!! How did she die

Im sorry on your loss I will be not very much help seeing as We are a older time betta fish owner I really hope you could find something that will assist I essentially would point out maybe the lady died with the water definitely not being correct maybe water chnaged heat rapidly was it warm or frosty or would it commence cold after which it got scorching and light source was for the tank Anything is possible hope in which everything receives better

Red gills undoubtedly are a sign associated with ammonia poisoning.I’ll please take a wild guess which you kept her in the bowl without the need of filtration or even other unsatisfactory container.

The waste material she afforded off just increase in water (there seemed to be nothing that will process it) and killed the woman’s.

Did an individual perform partial water variations and check the variables (ammonia/nitrite/nitrate) this filter will not carry that will function for as a minimum the first couple weeks (the bacteria receive a while to be able to develop)

Sometimes, it is there occasion.Other times it may be the waters..even in the event its clean, tap isn’t very good for the idea.
Furthermore, how affordable was that Good chance it have a paarasite.Or perhaps was by now sick.

i are sorry in your fish.maybe it had been a condition try exploring hear.

Ammonia poisoning via dirty mineral water.

Check a person’s water, it could be nitrite poisoning.

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