My aquarium fish are not active and some are dying. Help?

WE tested the actual pH degrees, nitrate, nitrite, Hardness, Alkalinity, and ammonia quantities and all are standard.Some involving my sea food have died as well as others are certainly not active.They just live in one position and occasionally navigate.I give them twice per day.Once the next day and once at dusk.Have almost any ideas why this is happening Many thanks.

How big could be the tank
Are you wanting fish would you have
Could be the tank oxygenated
Could be the temp right for that species you’ve got

your welcome, feel totally free to email me if you’d like more specialised asstance.

they probably have a disorder! i would seporate them plainly were you

resolution mine please; _ylt=AlFSgqF_zv2ULBmZS.1bxbTsy6IX; _ylv=3qid=20110403173319AAUxNIo

What types of fish usually are they

new water

what round water technical staffing ,.

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