My 11lb toy poodle has suddenly collapsed 4 times this evening and appeared to not be breathing. Help?

Just one min.he or she seems great then Wham! he’s lifeless.

I had an excellent pyre while he collapsed post rushed him to some vet wherever he appeared to be stableized and exposed to an emergency hospital pertaining to 2 times, he experienced a soul defect along with need prescription if you love your gadget poodle arrive at the

hmm will you be serious Ones coming at here with regard to what Require him in the emergency vet! If he is not inhaling and exhaling then thats obvious a bad sign of which something is quite wrong and also you dont want to wait!

MODIFY:You should aim to find an affordable vet without delay! your pet may perish! if you dont have money then go to the actual humane society to acquire help because nobody here can let you know the best thing for something like this.if your own just inside a tight spot presently then understand some strategy to get canine the actual vet when they do repayment plans and explain that sistuation! Remember to!!! take you poor pet to he or she vet!

Instead of rushing your pet dog to a vet you thought arriving on YA was your best choice

Allow me to feel that love you might have for your own dog

Uh, maybe have him for the vet Why would you wait for that 4th collapse Seriously…

I would immediately have him to some ER.

Take your pet dog to the actual emergency vet.

He may just be having seizures.Take her *** to some vet.

you inquire on yahoo answers in advance of taking him to some vet wtf is actually wrong by using you


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