More questions on fish?(i know i already asked but didnt get a really good answer)?

i know i have many questions but the truth is learn together with questions in case im troublesome anybody along with my doubts you dont need to answer.does any individual have an illustration (pic or even video) of an great 30 gallon much time setup this looks healthy.also in case i’m contributing a heater just how do i get it towards temp that is going to be extra comgortable with regard to my seafood it’s at present 69degrees and i much better temp is 77 levels so the way would i understand it to that without creating my fish getting stressed what kind of light carry out live plant life need we have fluorescent is that good last thing in case im putting a grow bulb may i just sit down it for a rock as well as does it must be in this sand substrate sorry about almost all these questions but managed to get a crawfish as well as he started all this kind of but this individual died consequently now im choosing fish so need facts.and atleast im doing analysis now and also trying everything allow me to do and keep my fish alive!!!!!!

Alrighty I’ll try to get an individual what contemplating.I do not think you’d end up being annoying’s excellent to inquire questions.
Concerning 5 tanks on the other hand none ones are a new 20 gallon..but Allow me to show a person’s pictures regarding mine to offer you a preview.I get the more natural tanks to become more pleasing on the eyes.

Here’s one among my tanks
-Notice the actual natural water stones..there’re smooth and natural shaded.
-Driftwood often looks great in tanks. (Their sight aren’t was from the flash apologies! )
-I have fake vegetation in the tanks..I are deprived of the period or the right light fixed ups intended for plants.And you can effortlessly find the fake ones that appear quite you’ve to realize:
During this one I’ve used various textures associated with rock/stones..The COUPLE OF pieces as you’re watching driftwood are usually granite small parts.I received them from the granite counter shop..they put every one of the extra chunks that can’t easily use in a dumpster if you ask they could let a person take some.The additional gray piece onto the charcoal rock will be slate tile.You possibly can buy it in a hardware store by piece..I merely broke one other side to supply it some sort of cooler glance.I know you simply can’t really see however , you get this gist (just be mindful it’s evil sharp after you brake the edges off).

An additional tank..excuse this mess while in front of it.Ours is within my place:
-The substrate is small which you’ll be able to buy in the hardware shop (the sea stones also came from the hardware store).
– In such a one I’ve driftwood along with more bogus plants (sorry within the algae..that loves the following tank)
– I have some aged coral in such a tank..Managed to get it from the friend but It’s my opinion at a number of specialty shops you can buy that dead equipment for freshwater tank.

One among my additional tanks which usually houses our baby angels carries a white silica crushed lime stone bottom.You possibly can buy this specific or participate in sand should you find you could rather that than small.Both you simply have to scrub until the lake turns crystal clear.
This is the whitened silica stone dust
Again WE used phony silk plants that is certainly about it for their tank.

You simply turn way up the heaters.If you do not have a heater you require one.
The actual heater will certainly slowly and safely bring up up this temperature.

You need a special build for a lot of plants.Merely a regular light box and gentle won’t job.Most most likely even your special light bulb isn’t likely to work.I’d select fake plants just to get used to having and responding to fish 1st.Then subsequently decide if you need live.

It depends on any type of plant.Some have to be anchored in order to rocks/driftwood with regard to best effects.And some will do fine buried inside bottom substrate.

You have available a gravel vacuum.Just don’t adhere it under the sand…you continue it on top of the sand one or two inches along with it’ll suck in place the stuff above.

Best of luck!:

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