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i’m sure i have many questions but the truth is learn together with questions just in case im troublesome anybody by using my queries you dont ought to answer.does any individual have an idea (pic as well as video) of any great 30 gallon much time setup this looks natural.also if i’m contributing a heater when will i get it for the temp that might be much more comgortable to get my perch it’s currently 69degrees plus i much better temp is 77 degrees so how would i have it to that will without generating my species of fish getting stressed types of light complete live plants need we’ve fluorescent is the fact good continue thing whenever im incorporating a bulb may i just sit down it with a rock or does it must be in our sand substrate sorry about most of these questions but manged to get a crawfish and he started out all the following but they died consequently now im going with fish hence need data.and atleast im doing study now and also trying everything we can do to stay my sea food alive!!!!!!
You need to raise this temperature simply by 2-3 degrees a day to retain from stressing them out.Live facilities will grow fine together with fluorescents for those who have the suitable spectrum connected with light.In no way planted a bulb just before.

First, increase a 100w heaters preset in order to 75 as well as 78f.It’s going to heat the lake very slowly and gradually, so an individual wont anxiety the fish.For any 20g long fish tank, you will need 2-20w florescent tubes in the light fixture being confident that they’re the suitable length.Do not put your bulb on the rock or in the substrate! That will electrocute your own fish! Keep this 2-20w bulbs within a light fitting sitting over your aquarium tank.Hope this specific helps!

For snap shots of properly setup show tanks, use GOOGLE — select graphics, and type in ‘aquariums’..

To obtain the correct temperature:there ought to be a small light as part of your heater.If you find none, go back it.
Turn that temperature dial about high along with keep checking the lake temperature.If it grows to 77, after that slowly switch the dial down and look at that gentle.As soon because the light is out – HALT turning the dial.Check that temperature on the next number of hours and days in case it falls too lower, turn the item up a little until the particular light continues on, and if the tank is exorbitant, turn this heater dial down until the actual light goes out.

Survive plants require light.Any light will do.Flourescent will be fine.

Bulb Aquatic plant bulb I am hoping, It needs to be buried – just like a bulb within a garden, zero bulb survives until buried.

Remains doing analysis, it teaches you MUCH in excess of asking queries.Ask in order to clarify what you do not understand, don’t ask to read as no one will learn the reason behind the replies.

All the best ..

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