Mollies /small/medium/large?

O .k I went to petco to get a fish and WHEN I noticed THREE tanks filled up with mollies exact same specie’s plus breed however different styles one mentioned “mollies-small”, “mollies-medium”, as well as the other “mollies-large” does that indicate they keep that dimensions each diff.Size or even are some exactly like younger, for example the
“mollies — small” will sometime be your “mollies- large” and if so could someone tell the sex/gender of any
“Molly- small”

Its distinct stages involving development like you stated younger for you to older, there’s no dwarf Molly.At this point, not each and every different certain breed of Molly gets identically size yet its near 3 inches for just a fully harvested Molly.Sexing (determining the gender), will be pretty straightforward in reside bearers.

OBSERVE:Water parameters ought to be kept excellent, stressed girls can support the pregnancy in the event that water quality and conditions are not favorable pertaining to birth, which sometimes cause problems from the females health

This is a couple associated with articles conveying sexing of most common live bearers, Molly, Platy:

Anticipation this facilitates! Good Luck

All mollies are mollies.Each of them grow similar size, they’re just in earlier phases currently.

Mollies could be easy that will sex.The males employ a long anal fin as well as the females own 3, quicker fins.

Mollies have to have 20 gallons lowest but 29 gallons can be recommended.

Mollies perform best in brackish drinking water.Freshwater will bring on a reduced lifespan along with constant brawls with condition.

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