Mating betta fishes! Don’t know what to do?

I invest the female included in the male gas tank because MY SPOUSE AND I see bubble nest along with the female incorporates a white cord sticking out from your girlfriend stomach though the male is usually pinching the female everywhere not just her fins…Is always that normal I’m scared to help leave these folks together included in the same fish tank overnight.Advice

Take your ex out.

Breeding bettas takes 2-3 weeks of demanding fitness.Feeding these folks high protein foods while in the same aquarium but physically separated.

Eventually this female will become eggs as well as male will form a nest.Thats when you remove your divide and monitor them closely.When one makes too exhausted up get rid of it, otherwise it will just end with a dead sea food.

place them in a very dark tank, so your can’t find her along with he wouldn’t harm her with many different plants ( help to make them quite clean plants so that they don’t rot the ultimate eggs ), however it is not unheard that the male ultimately killing that female with mating, I get placed 2-3 ladies with one male give to minimize how much damage carried out to them but despite the presence of all all those precautions, the males has killed most of the females, when your deed is finished keep the hospital tank close to move the females when fast as it can be out of the way then really don’t bother your, or the actual nest, DON’T ADD NUTRITION, that could possibly rot this eggs, and usually a men can go for days with out eating 1 thing while taking good care of the ovum.


after these are done spawning get her away from there AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or she’ll attempt to kill the particular eggs as well as he’ll end killing your girlfriend.and make sure you have a new heated infirmary tank for the female as well as a ten gallon for your fry as well as male.that is usually heated for you to 78 amounts and be sure that as soon because baby bettas tend to be swimming around that you take your out or he’ll end ” up ” eating these people.

Yes, the particular advice is take the woman’s out.

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