Maracyn or Maracyn 2 for betta fin rot?

I aquired a 10 gallon fish tank for the fish with fin get rotten.I purchased Maracyn but I became reading information while in the fish health care guide that was included with it and yes it said Maracyn 2 should be used for fin rot while the Maracyn container says “for this treatment and also control involving body fungus columnaris, termin and tail rot or anything else.” Thought about am baffled and many I want to do is find the best therapy for my own betta.Should i return this Maracyn and acquire Maracyn COUPLE OF Thanks.

It is often very confusing but I have always understand the 2 really should be administered together.Maracyn & Maracyn ll.Google fish maracyn for the clear resolution then come to a decision.

Fin rot is often caused by a gram-negative bacterial an infection, in which usually case Maracyn II really should be used.(Maracyn milkbones gram-positive bacterial infections, Maracyn II sweets gram-negative bacterial infections).

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