Looking for a "statement" fish for my tank?

We have a THIRTY gallon freshwater fish tank w/ a new heater, sieve, etc.and you know how people today have assertion pieces for their houses or a sheet of clothing.Good, I need a fish which will be beautiful and incredible and massive.

So, what’s the best fish I possibly could keep inside my 30 gallon reservoir Or can there be a variety of fish that you simply think would likely give myself a ‘wow’ tank

Thanks so much!

Look with regard to German Pink Rams cichlids, or you will find there’s huge various Apistogramma cichlids one can have.Gorgeous fish thay can be kept along with smaller schooling fish for making a pleasant, well well balanced tank.You can also get some good pygmy corydora to the bottom.



You may keep the school of dwarf neon rainbowfish, they’re the tiniest species associated with rainbowfish, but an organization can thrive as part of your tank.It might be very pretty using the adequate light, colour associated with substrate, facilities, decor, for example.Another idea would be a school of six to help eight zebra danios or maybe rummy-nose/lemon/ember/cardinal/etc.tetras.You just might squeeze in a group connected with four to be able to five ghost shrimp as well as those fish if you appreciate, however if you’re keeping rainbowfish, take into account that the shrimp may get eaten.

You can keep a small group regarding three to be able to five guppies, platies, endlers or maybe swordtails, and then as a “centerpiece” fish, you would’ve one dwarf gourami, or prevent your whole reservoir saved to get a betta sorority.You can keep four female betta’s comfortably as part of your 20g.

7 dark-colored neon tetras, 5 guppies as well as 3 multi-colored platies would likely look really cool, sort of as being a vortex of color! Guppies obtain about ONE 1/2 inches width, black neon tetras a similar, and platies bypass 2 inches width.

they arent pretty big but in case you get plenty of them in addition to put the black light on your own tank glofish are generally really neat!!

and they also come with different colors

Your tank can be quite small so there are not many choices.I could recommend a new school with about 6 or 6 cardinal tetras.They are schooling fish and that means you should have at the very least 6.

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