Lepoard gecko getting really skinny what do i do?

We would first make sure your husbandry to guarantee you include everything suitable, like some sort of basking temp of 90 F situated to one side from the enclosure and readily available for 10 :12 hours daily, using some kind of substrate like textured ceramic tile, state rock, or repti-carpet rather then loose substrate just like sand (leos are liable to impaction from the gut), using calcium supplementation twice 7 days, and feeding a number of feeder bugs.Good staple pests are crickets, silk earthworms, phoenix earthworms, and different feeder roaches, similar to dubia, red-lobster, plus turkistan.Here’s a trusted guide intended for leos that you can browse via:


In case after solving and husbandry problems the leo’s desire for food doesn’t increase, or in case your husbandry will be correct and there is certainly really zero other reason the leo ought to be this approach, I could highly suggest that you find a reptile vet’s counselling asap.Here’s some good sites to help you find the reptile vet closest to you:



A few waxworms every now and then, feed your ex 2-3 7 days a prolonged with diet program of crickets as well as mealworms.
After i was given an extremely skinny, potent, adult leopard gecko WE fed her many mealworms including a few waxworms.
In case your unable to obtain waxworms, mealworms may take a little longer-but are appropriate, they undoubtedly are a very fattening food for leopard geckos, my geckos are extremely old but still heading strong:)
Now she has a incredibly fat tail and will sit on my give for hours, she is extremely gentle along with healthy.

If that you’re feeding it the standard diet with greens, wax earthworms, and water, and this leopard continues to looking skinny.Try giving the leopard suscrose water via a medicine dropper.The leopard gets nutrients regardless of whether it is far from able to be able to chew the nutrients.

try giving it a variation and feed it sometimes.if youre feeding just crickets attempt some mealworms.plus vis-a-vers-a

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