Leopard Gecko stressed?

I got a fresh blizzard leopard gecko about 3 weeks ago.Experts agree it is perfectly fine so far.It is already a more dark color and also hasnt get rid of once.He could be more of the dark grey than a white.Additionally it is really intense now.Once i first became him this individual was properly fine using me coping with him.But now they jumps, operates, and gnaws.He is in any 10 gallon using 3 conceals, a h2o bowl, and many rocks.He could be housed on your own.Any ideas

What tend to be your temperature and how to define you calculating them with Firms studies in which show in which low temperatures may cause a leopard geckos colors to boring.I keep my leopard geckos at a steady 92 degrees.

Another plan is it may be shedding rapidly.

Are you sure they have gotten more dark colored Frequent blizzards are generally grey-ish shaded, not wholly white.I’ve observed blazing blizzards to get brighter even though.Check all these links out to assist check the geckos morph in case you are unsure:

BB (blazing blizzard):




I trust the initial answer.In addition , it sounds like the gecko demands a bigger cage at the very least a THIRTY gallon:).

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