Lake malawi cichlid question?

so so i’m establishing a modest cichlid gas tank.i just left for my local fish save and ordered two baby lake malawi cichlids, i obtained the cichlid salt and they also sound like doing fine until now.the guy for the store said i could truthfully use your tropical flakes i’ve now to feed your cochlids since these are so compact.theyre only like an inch or it could be even a lot less than that old on earth do you think they may be approximately and also how outdated will they will be every time they start reproduction
i’m as well lazy to do research journey internet lol

They Will not need sodium! They complete need hard water, and better way for getting it should be to use smashed coral as opposed to gravel.Feast them flake or maybe floating pellet foods.They get 4-5 months before many people spawn, however with only two, you will have 50 — 50 odds of having two in the same sex.You should preferably have related to 5-6 for you to raise your own odds of needing a match.

You decide to do know they may be mouthbrooders

Good luck.

There will be almost THOUSANDS OF species regarding Lake Malawi cichlids, and many have egg cell spots, so you will identify the particular species in advance of anybody can show you how older yours are usually, what these people eat, exactly how they canine, or just how big they should get.

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