Just Notice popeye on my Black female Molly?

I’ve truly separated the woman’s and added somewhat table salt in your ex water (No Aquatic salt) i’m about to get many treatment next week but i might be engaged to pick up if anybody knows involving any non medication treatments for popeye the sailor man heat, Epson salts etc

Yes.We’ve used this particular on ONLY TWO Bettas, with success.1 for soda eye, 1 for dropsy, and My organization is treating a egg limited Betta right now, altho WE doubt it can work on this subject, it’s certainly not hurting sometimes.
I wouldn’t hesitate give it on a Molly.

Instructions:1 Tablespoon Epson Salt to YOU gallon waters.Thoroughly melt.Your challenge might be matching the 2 temps.Mollies container water for you to salt waters.

BEING A DIP OR BATH.Much less a option she could actually remain.

Dip for exactly FIFTEEN minutes twice on a daily basis.Stay having her the entire time.If your lover acts uncomfortable presenting notice pull the woman’s out, dilute your salt alternative and have a shot at again.
Calls for about 3 OR MORE days.
Good luck!

*****Interesting mix/match involving copy and also paste info from some other poster.

Pop eye fish disease is various combined difficulties and and also symptoms of the underlying illness, he most popular being bacterial an infection.Bacterial infection was caused by simply some previous fish health conditions or health problem.It can also be caused by simply rough coping with, tumors, too much lighting, inadequate dietand or a vitamin A deficiency.The eyes begin to protrude and also a build up of smooth forms close to the eye.Like a lot of fish disease, stress is among the main elements.Overcrowding, poor waters quality and temperature changes while in the aquarium usually are all major causes of stress in your freshwater species of fish.Good normal water quality is usually a must to get keeping sea food

when treating pop perspective disease you have to make confident your aquariums mineral water quality is within good design.Also, check people tanks parameters just like ammonia as well as nitrite.If these have a look at okay you are able to proceed considering the treatment.It’s always best to treat a person’s aquarium with a broad variety antibiotic.Antibiotics could treat a sizable range associated with ailments in your freshwater fish.Always check the water quality initial.Often times it is the cause of fish disease with aquarium seafood.

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