It’s alright that a female Rottweiler weighs about 100 pounds, right?

you need to ask your vet relating to this,
Because no one on below can explain how a great deal its think to weigh without having knowing its height as well as size.

Yet Rottweilers are generally big ole most dogs so im pretty positive 100 weight sounds in relation to right.

Should you cant see the most dogs bones and also rips in that case im very sure the particular dogs carrying out quite alright.

Barely.She’s only supposed to be 22-25 inches tall with the shoulders; that means her excess fat should array, depending upon her peak, between 60 and 100 pounds.Over that tends to make her far too clumsy as well as slow to drive along with guard cattle, which can be what the breed appeared to be created to complete.

Her ribs can’t be obvious, but you will be able to feel all of them without considerably effort.(If you need to push & dig so that you can feel all of them, she is definitely overweight.)

Relating to a smaller Rottie women, and she is healthy with only 80 lbs, although 90 lbs is *average*.
(Males *average* about 120 pounds.)

From the AKC “The Finished Dog Book” typical for Rottweilers, Levels:24-27 ins (61-69 cm.) Bitches 22-25 ins (56-63 cm.)
Fat:Dogs 95-130 lbs (43-59 kg.) Bitches 85-115 fat (38-52 kg.)

my female rottweiler weighs about 75 pounds.I’ve truly seen very tall rotties in advance of, and I think they weigh additional.How upright is she

That would depend, mine carries a rather substantial frame and also she’s at the good weight of NINETY FIVE pounds.

what is the breed standard
what size where her parents
what does your vet say
can you feel ribs

yes it is okay.i toiled in homes and a number of the rotties followed in have been big boned and some weighed about 100 lbs

right previous to she’s place down, yes.

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