Is good?

i’m planning with buying a further hydrocynus goliath with regard to my other tank along with on aquabid they have got a couple for sale.Is aquabid reliable it is best to check this specific out here is a couple buttons:

which seller of the fish would you think can be more realiable and also any of you have experience about this website

aquabid possesses seller ratings exactly like ebay…i’ve bought the platinum betta fish from aquabid…your dog was flown through thailand in order to canada…this shipping price was raw…but the fish is actually amazing and also healthy…they guy i purchased from experienced sold above 600 perch with most positive rankings…aquabid is usually as protected as which you consider to sell to…on ebay i do not buy unless 100 percent constructive feedback and i did the exact same shopping in aquabid…

I dont have got online perch buying practical knowledge.and all allow me to say that there’s always to purchase a sick species of fish.But if it can be possible I’d suggest to get “from hands” not within a shop.I’ve seen loads of fish stores as well as conditions the fish lives in, under all-day tension of 2eyed animals starring from them:)
Delicious luck using bidding!

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