Is This Normal Green Spotted Puffer Fish Behaviour?

We are new for you to green discovered puffers, and Relating to two JUST ONE 1/2 inch puffers inside a 33 gallon tank at the SG associated with 1.004.It use being freshwater but I acquired rid coming from all my freshwater fish with the exception of my mollies and I will be during raising the actual SG to about 1.008-1.010.I simply added any brackish normal water plant today too.I possess a 70 gallon which i will become transferring these to if they start getting bigger, so don’t freak out because Concerning 2 from a 33gal.And yes Relating to been seeing for hostility between eachother as well as other mollies, there was no violence or termin nipping in any respect.And I am aware they may get more aggressive as they quite simply age.I have done a great deal of research related to them just before I perhaps got these people.Anyway, They’re just in any 33gal together with some mollies, which includes a 40-60gal sift, a electrical power head on the other hand of this tank and then a bubbler and also a heater established at 75F.Relating to only acquired them pertaining to about 1 week and that they finally quit pacing the particular glass.I have got a large good ole’ structure they could explore and hide in during the tank they usually both appreciate it, they usually rest around the bottom near the rock structure and also the green has a tendency to go just about a dark brown color along with their bellies go just about grayish, however , not quite.Is this kind of normal for around mid-day That regarding stay there for a long time, only some time and after that their colors return to normal and they are out along with about yet again, but then rewind and rest for the bottom once again.Is this particular normal behaviour Or is he or she getting sick

My particular experience together with Green Seen Puffers isn’t the most effective, but We’ve never noticed that behavior mid daytime.They’re commonly active.

Obviously, check the lake conditions.They’re sensitive for you to ammonia in addition to nitrites.I’m certain you’ve executed that with just as much work as you’re adding into these people.

Have you treated these people for bodily parasites Nearly all Green Identified Puffers are wild captured…I’m unclear if these are breed in any perch farm in any respect.Wild found fish employ a high possibility of carrying inside parasites.I’d see if they can eat a great anti-parasite meal.Just to be sure they do not own any bugs of their digestive area.It’s close to impossible to deal with intestinal parasites along with water meds…some can work, but since GSP may be a scaleless sea food, those meds is likely to kill these people.

Make guaranteed you’re running a top quality activated carbon in your filter also.Normally, I’d state activated carbon is in the vicinity of useless until you’re looking to remove a new medication or perhaps substance with the water, yet with just about any puffer, you need to always own good carbon to cut out any tetrodotoxin that may otherwise build.

Their day-night schedule could be off..subject to where you’ve got them.Some spots leave the particular lights on for their fish tanks intended for long working hours..especially at 24 hours places (like walmart).If that’s the case, they may just be taking “naps” through out the daytime.One point I’ve found GSPs do in the evening is head to the underside sleep.If woken upward suddenly the colors was always a bit faded and their bellies slightly deeper than normal.

Even so, it’s always a good idea to take care of new natural spotted puffers for internal parasites as a result of high chance they’ve them.


im glad uve enquired this brand-new to most of these fish as well as my you’ve done the identical turnin some other colour.ive recently been doin quite a few readin with it, and apparently it would be sad as well as stressed internet marketing quite interested to know what others say:) anyway i am hoping it all works out:D.

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