Is this fish tank overstocked?


ONE Juvenile continue parrot (2 inches)
A FEW Khuli loaches
THREE Bronze Corydoras
A FEW White Mountain Cloud Minnow
ONE Marble Molly
ONE Albino Algae Eater

I anticipate getting a bigger gas tank once We’ve the cash, but for now I fear of the ammonia amounts if there’s too much fish.

It’s not necessarily that bad.Your continue parrot can have to switch tanks soon and your algae eater is going to be a challenge too.Right now you’re okay, assuming that you’re fish algae eater’s small in addition.

MY SPOUSE AND I suggest trying to keep your khuli loaches, corys, white clouds and molly from the 20 gal.Take your blood parrot back or get yourself a 50 gal.Should you get a 50 gal squeeze algae eater throughout there as well if not.I estimate putting this algae eater from the 10 gal is just not the worst thing you may do.

Excellent luck

Yes.The blood vessels parrot requirements 55 gallons and will end up eating the other fish once its bigger

Yes, extremely.

Umm…that is way way too small for numerous fish…

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