Is this a good setup for a 30 gallon aquarium?

6-male pretty guppies,
6-australian rainbow species of fish,
6-juli catfish.
i’ve done A lot of research including a fish tank calculator, pet, and leading middle as well as bottom stocking i am aware the tempermants and also the tank size with the fish tend to be ok but would be the numbers ok also what type of food, habitat and also temperature carry out these fish need to have or become in

the numbers should change that will something a lot more like
FOUR fancy guppies, 3-4 rainbow species of fish, and 3-6 juli cory cats

for meals just employ some sultry flakes because you should be good

definitely purchase a heater! those tend to be tropical fish and they need one.keep the particular temperature from the tank in between 76 and also 79.

buy several aquarium plant life but real and never fake kinds.

you most likely know that already but ensure you have some sort of filter.

ensure you only increase 1-3 fish towards tank at the same time and wait as a minimum 2 weeks to provide more within.

The rainbows could easily get too major, and they usually are bullies.They’re listed because peacefull seafood, and mostly they’re, but rainbows are inclined to treat various other fish seeing that bumper autos.The male guppies might end up receiving torn fins.A FORTY FIVE or 55 gallon could be better to the rainbows using or without the guppies, they have room to swim, and swim far from each alternative when one is being grumpy.
Contemplate dwarf neon rainbows and also threadfin rainbows as an alternative.
Rainbows feed on flake foodstuff ” POST suggest coloring enhancing foodstuff like tetra colouring enhancing or even Omega A single Super Color” nevertheless they appreciate brine shrimp along with blood earthworms, They want wingless fruit flesh flies very.They sometimes eat crickets on the petstore which were meant for an africa butterfly bass.

You must keep the particular temp nearly 78.Keep loads of silk or maybe live plant life, and accessories for concealing around.

good setup, change that rainbow for you to 3-4 that may work improved, buy any heater, also , you might wanna get yourself a bristle nosed pleco to support clean the particular algae.Furthermore get high plants, and a new log hence your perch can hide

this is a superb setup however the temperature must be from 76-83 degrees.

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