Is there any water pet I can put in a quart size tank?

I’m thinking what you need is zero…but I’m just asking yourself.It is often anything anyway…like any snail, or perhaps something.I’m not saying it has to be a species of fish.:)

Brine shrimp (aka Beach Monkeys)


I think a snail could be ok.Simply just buy several algae wafers to help feed the idea with, and be sure you do standard water alterations.Also, depending on the species of snail, a decent fitting lid is required so aging escape(personal experience).Snails became interesting/fun bit of guys to help just sit down and look at, too.I’ve never saved shrimp, but I believe one or two ghost shrimp could well be ok and keep if you can not want some sort of snail.

Why not only go out and obtain a more substantial tank, or perhaps use your own previous ONLY TWO.5 gallon Rather than trying to be able to cram a few small variety of seafood or marine pet into a small container, no wrongdoing:)

you could keep your snail as well as a few shrimp (like cherry shrimp and also crystal shrimp)

The answer is not any.

The mistake.Women and men answer remains to be no.

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