Is there a online store that sells one fertilized chicken egg? or a a store?

o ok there’s stores like strong mother board but my spouse and i wish i can just buy 5 fertilized egg not 17 or 20 T_T and also please gimme the website or area of where i will get for instance one not 25 i have MD i want SOME or 1 happens because i wish to accomplish experiments using them and study them even though im young i can still study life along with nature with regards to you will help me locate some thx! P.S hope this make perception too everyone i create no impression in our grammar terminology want my family to reword and better grammar then just simply ask me personally i speculate…P.S.S im a remarkable young philosopher XD

I have no idea if you’ll be able to buy 1 fertilized bird.I have learned to keep species of fish though.

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