Is there a difference between male and female golden retrievers?

Good I’ve previously posted the question for this and simply 8 individuals answered so we need more.I’ve over heard males are definitely lovable although females are moody I’ve truly also over heard it one other way around.Because I’m receiving a puppy rather soon and I am aware everything other than which gender to receive! Please support and convey to me a reason why you opt for male/female or you will want to.Thanks!

Golden retrievers males or feminine both create wonderful dogs.They are generally loveable and also tempermental according to the operator.How ever u treat canine, thats what will shine through the dog.Basicaly the item revolves around what gender suits oughout.U just simply.can’t declare enough good things about that will breed.They’re amazing dogs.

“IF” there’s a big difference the females could possibly be more territorial as well as males may perhaps be more possessive.But, for essentially the most part these are the similar…especially if they are fixed.

Well, that they both get perks and also bad things.Females are more closely moody, but males is usually more agressive.All this depends to the breed and the specific doggy though.

A dog’s personality isn’t gender centered; when you are searching for puppies, find one that has a personality you enjoy.Don’t just simply base you are decision with gender.

Well for all those dogs the male pees with every bush, and female incorporates a period (no kiddin)


Ur sooo goin with unfriendable…You’ve a penis as well as the other doesnt…

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