Is substrate the same thing as gravel?

We are getting dwell plants and i want to know if substrate will be the same thing as gravel

Substrate can be whatever is on the bottom belonging to the tank.

Gravel is definitely small bolders.

In order to use gravel like a substrate, and it is fine for most “easy care” crops.But substrate can even be sand, pot plant mix, or particular media designed for growing tank plants.


I work with Sand bought from my personal LFS, no let things get trapped in buying it like pea gravel, and my own filtration is usually powerful enough to continually keep an ongoing flowing on the sand therefore nothing sits for the bottom along with everything ultimately makes its solution to the ingestion valves to the filters.

substrate may very well be anything:pea gravel, sand, place substrate (like eco-complete), floromax, for example.Gravel typically means a little something inert that does contain mineral deposits or’s merely something to create the tank look good and to carry plants straight down.

Substrate applies to whatever you decide to layer the end of this tank which is often mud–sand—gravel.Gravel would be best so it will hold the roots much better than sand could.

substrate will be anything for you to put for the bottom on the tank.also gravel, small stones, sand, boulders.

Instead of getting technical, “substrate” is a bottom.

it’s around you which usually substrate you utilize…

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