Is my guppy getting territorial?

And so i’ve had guppies before (all male) and they also seemed to receive along good.But yesterday I got myself 3 brand-new male guppies, any blue, tangerine and orange one.Encourage seemed fine in the beginning, but today I woke way up this early morning, and WE saw the orange and also yellow one particular cornered in the corner through the blue a single! I thought this a little strange…the orange one tried to receive out, however the blue you kinda hindered it and also pushed it to the next corner.It as well started doing this sort of fit when one of many other guppies was nearby.It could like, turn side on and also do a little shimmy, and then follow them.I tested out feeding them a certain amount of food to use distract the particular blue one particular, but many people payed zero attention but it seemed this orange plus yellow were going to get rid of that place, so certainly they both ‘teamed up’ as well as rushed recent the blue to access the nutrition.So seeing that they were right out the corner, the orange one keeps chasing them throughout the tank.

Whats happening Is a blue one particular getting territorial It appears to be giving whilst trouble, I might have to take it back to the pet buy ):

its difficult to pin the cause of aggression, almost all cases that tank can be too uncovered, you need plenty of bog wood/ crud / ornaments in addition to plants to supply cover to ensure that any bass being chased can certainly hide, in addition to territories end up being established.

what do you have in how of plant life e.t.c., how big will be the tank do you have any photos.

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