Is my guinea pig gonna be okay? i’m worried ?

Recently i got your guinea pig.The lady I bought him out of said he / she was “healthy boy” he or she acts really healthy.He eats a lot of his pumpkin and broccoli.He wines water only through the night.He’s quickly and skiddish.They’ve very nice.And my buddy told me every one the domestic pets you buy in the place Managed to get him they finish up dying I don’t think this.But I am just starting to fret My associates usually erroneous on your ex “facts” so would you think he’ll be good Or regarded as a be worried

It is wise for taking a innovative guinea pig towards your exotic vet for your well infant check, the vet will dsicover things that you simply and I’ll never see and so they will use a good begging record on your guinea pig in case it will get sick so it makes it easier for them to manage it when its sick.You ought to take that in yearly for the well look at.Anyway with this if ones guinea pig does possess a problem the actual exotic vet can catch it so you can treat the matter and and then relax.There is a bit connected with truth throughout what ones friend said in that , it is extremely common intended for baby guinea pigs to acquire upper respiratory bacterial infections on tactic to the pet store, the stress is to mush regarding them, unfortunately it doesn’t stop here show in place often until they want already ended up home for their new home and since we realize guinea pigs tend to be prey animals and so they hide the fact they will be ill until these are in your acute stage so many miss there’re sick plus they do wind up dieing.

Don’t take note on your close friend, she doesn’t find out what she’s referring to.As long since you care for ones animals adequately, none of which will perish.Good Good fortune and end worrying, they’ve fine.

well every thing will stop functioning, and this animals which died have been prob sick and they should with taken it to some vet if u discover and clues of sickness head over to a vet

If this individual seems nutritious, you need to be okay.Merely incase, We would schedule simply a checkup with your little piggy.If you notice some junk things, get to your own vet AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

i think you ought to take him on the vet simply to be safe and sound but ones friend may well be wrong

let this checked by simply your vet to clear out your anxieties.not all users the following knows plenty about guinea pig.

Just keep an eye on on your ex boyfriend ad don’t let just what ur companion say fret you.All guine pigs are different.Make guaranteed he’s ingesting and alocohol consumption and behaving normal:) good luck!!:)

If that you’re worried, you may take your ex boyfriend to an “exotics” vet (check the unit book) and get him checked for a proper visit.That could be reassuring in your case.All piggies tend to be fast and until they get the hang of you they usually are skittish, too.Approach your ex slowly in addition to calmly.I can talk constantly to at least one of excavation for him to be assured it’s me, his trustworthy caregiver.:) When you know that, he’ll be arriving for the ring door that will greet everyone.

I have had two piggies with regard to over FOUR years right now.Get your kitchen machine from Walmart that comes up to Five pounds.Weigh ones pig decide to purchase on the identical day.Being a baby they need to gain weight invest in until someday between a year and annually and the half aged.If they lose weight, they coul

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