Is my fishy dying? idk if he is ?

the gold perch swims on the top of the tank in addition to acted like he’s breathing throughout air along with his nose in addition to mouth outside the water.the water is to not ever hot, so when i no he can breath, and from now on hes red inside nos along with has whitened stuff upon his deal with, help us save charlie!
Carry out a 50% normal water change plus read of which.

Sounds like they’re lacking o2.If your current tank is just not too warm then it will be bad drinking water quality.It also seems like he might have a fungal contamination on his or her face which will have to be medicated.It is best to do some sort of water adjust and make certain your fish tank is big enough and there is a good filtration.I expectation he makes better shortly.

if he swims they’re alive

Take Charlie on the vets x

check this kind of page

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