Is it uncommon for guppy fry to …?

I have a order of guppy fry which can be 1 1 week old plus they’re witout a doubt longer over a cm along with they’re a few are developing colour.I have them inside a 5 gallon publicize bottom tank with a heater, light and also sponge filter they usually all give properly.Please help me available as Im uncertain if this really is normal!

PS) There are actually 30 inside the litter.

Sounds like you got some nutritious little fishies, pretty soon individuals 30 fry are gonna make 300 far more fry…guppies breed like bunnies.

Hi Sounds in my opinion like there’re healthy & building normally.However you have got to move them to some bigger quickly.That is if you need them to keep healthy & establishing normally.It is best to move them proper 20 gallon uncovered bottom tank with a filter & heaters sometime inside next two weeks.

I will not see what the challenge could always be…are anyone thinking they’re not supposed for you to develop this fast coloring wise or even length wise Feels like they tend to be healthy.

That indicates you nourish them effectively, or the actual Temperature is definitely high.

yours are 1 week old my very own are 2 weeks along with their not really big nor colorful might somebody say to me how to make them much larger.

They are generally perfectly healthful.Guppies raise faster in comparison with other perch.keep providing it effectively and it will be big truly soon.

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