Is it safe to use Plywood in a Guinea Pig cage?

I want to make some accessories for any guinea pig ring and was organization using plywood to accomplish so.Is this kind of safe regarding Guinea Pigs as We have heard conflicting stories

It doesn’t’ be determined by the piggie :all usually are chewers in the end and they greatly swallow! You should use interior plywood, exterior or maybe marine grade is known for a glue which is often toxic (as should OSB, focused sliver board).It really is safer to follow board wood and standard wood glue.

Laura, I have not had each one on the earth but We have been parenting and featuring animals regarding over 40 years and still have had more than 1000 animals in most during time.I can easily safely say that every animal we have had which includes had a free wooden surface it could access has chewed in it to somewhat of a greater or lesser qualification.Most will chew to the cage pubs and to the plastic tray should they can get at them.When I advise people on this forum the first goal is the fact that their dogs are while safe as well as well looked after as feasible.I include rather extra experience with guinea pigs than the majority on that group exactly who base their own advice on one or even 2 dogs.I work with that experience to predict what they will probably experience with their animals.In the event eaten, outdoor grade plywood, marine plywood in addition to OSB tend to be toxic.It might be totally irresponsible to express to an asker in which their pig will not likely chew which it will be safe to get such materials while in the cage

it will depend on your you have ‘chewers’ only dont want my piggies to be able to chew in something next i include it within fleece, they will dont chew up on fleece.Not long ago i made our piggies another level with their cage from lollypop is (lol) and i covered it inside fleece in order that they wouldnt gnaw:D

happy creating!!

Plywood will have glue inside it.However, When guinea pigs in addition to hamsters chew that regarding swallow.I believe they chew up and spit the idea out.I don’t know what your own making, nevertheless , you could place it in wire to stay your family dog safe.Just in case.Have a good day.

I please have to point out that this experiences were more to the lines with RandC 290, I know that a guinea pig given a chance will gnaw.Laura have to have extremely good behaved guinea pigs.

so randc290, youve had every guinea pig on the earth at quite a few point as well as another and they also have all chewed quarry never gnaw on things and ive possessed them frequent.I’d say do it now, give these folks it nevertheless keep a close eye on them in case they complete chew, cover it or maybe remove the idea:)

Not truly.

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