Is it okay for me hamster to only eat the corn in his food?

Is niagra okay His meals are “Carefresh Complete”.It’s Pellets, dry out corn, dry out peas along with seeds.When i give your pet his foodstuff, I combine some corn inside it A’s well as being the other food.About a couple of days later on, all the corn all of us gone, however the other issues are nonetheless there.Is niagra okay that will he takes only your corn Now i’m worried that plainly take away the corn your dog won’t eat his foodstuff.What regarded as a do

Btw he or she is a Robo Hamster if that aids.

Actually, dried corn just isn’t very healthy for rodents & might lead to health complications.Also, if the little guy is *only* feeding on corn, he has not acquiring balanced diet.

Whenever we were giving our rodents the commercial compounded food, I’d actually opt for the corn & give food to it for the birds exterior.A *bit* of fresh as well as frozen corn is actually fine & your rodents adore it (including our Robo girl), but any time your hamster is actually finished with his corn really don’t give him more right until he’s eaten a number his some other food.

You might try adding mixed folded grains to his food.This is a lot like oatmeal, but possesses barley & different stuff inside it too.Our robo loves this & it’s what I helpful to socialize the woman.

The hamster is actually picking along with digging only to acquire the much-loved food.Corn is actually sweet, in addition to rodents APPRECIATE sweet issues.I think it is best to keep which as sweets, and maybe try to buy a better company of food.

Don’t set more corn inside when they does that, he get hungry as well as eventually eat everything.That’s what Used to do with my very own.Corn need to be a cure so maybe cut down on he number of corn:) all the best!

Sure.I believe you will discover that corn is actually his favorite! It is just like a human feeding on certain points on the plate instead of others.All the best with ones hamster.

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