Is it OK to put my Betta fighter fish back in the cup it came in?

We have a FIFTY-FIVE gallon tank, He looks a little banged way up started losing his reddish pigment colour like they was remover.He is not eating a lot either.How long can he relax in his mug to recover Possibly there is enough oxygen as cup for you to recover

If it’s in bad condition a final thing you want to do is put it inside a transport tumbler, and assume it in order to recover.They don’t live around those mugs, they jsut live through in there for some time until they’re either ordered or decrease dead.If the fish will be weak, it’s just gonna die speedier.

Jointly be OK within a 55gal, but yes and no that the filtration system is way too powerful, or that will tankmates are usually picking to the betta.They are vulnerable in order to fin nipping by faster perch, even species which might be considered “community”

If conditions within your 55gal aren’t suitable for your betta, it might be best to get him an additional proper home.A A FEW gal tank is ideal for a fish.Although your hang to the side internet with a number of weeds may possibly give your ex boyfriend a noiseless spot where they can live throughout relative relaxation.Even although the volume regarding water from the net is actually small, it’s similar warm filtered water because remaining tank, so he has a fine change of recovering within there.(as averse to a frigid stagnant pot anyway)


What fish do you have in using him Just how high could be the filter current How stocked/overstocked ‘s your tank Are usually temperature within your tank Exactly how often would you replace your tank water/how very much Here’s quite a few facts about male bettas
-They want:
78-80F heat, anything much lower causes their coloration to get off as well as makes all of them easier to be able to catch illnesses
slow waters with little current (if you have a power filtration system, adjust this flow hence it’s a over any trickle)
covering spots (real crops, caves, or maybe silk vegetation, nothing pokey that may tear fins)
aquarium mates that will aren’t ambitious or termin nip (tiger barbs, cichlids, men swordtails, dark-colored neon tetras, any “nippy” fish)

Usually do not put him back that ridiculous cup, verify the previously mentioned criteria along with adjust while needed, only change the lake temp A SINGLE degree every day, but you should please please usually do not put him back that tumbler! Imagine going coming from a heated, warm clear mansion with Plenty of space to a small, cramped, frosty, dirty storage room.That is definitely what you should be producing your betta suffer.If the tank will be unsuitable regarding him (tank mates, filter, water excessively cold and would create all alternative fish sick and tired if heated that high), in the absolute minutest, get your pet his personal tank (given in which he was in a FIFTY-FIVE gallon, I would do at the very least a 20 gallon) and possess a school of cories within the bottom intended for tank mates, with lots of hidey holes and silk plant life or survive plants, or rehome him or her to a student a bigger tank 20gal+ which has the previously mentioned requirements.Also what exactly are you eating him He needs exclusive betta foodstuff (such since Hikari pellets) most effective supplemented by using freeze dry blood viruses, and freezing food also for perfect health as well as color.

Please don’t put your ex away for the reason that stupid pot!

Thank you and everyone!
Happy fish keeping!

He needs to be in your heated filtered reservoir if they are gonna recover, Living within a cold water filled with ammonia without any oxygen will only produce him a whole lot worse.

It could live in a 5 gallon or a 90 gallon, but this tank conditions end up being right intended for him.It really is possible the 55 had an excessive amount of current, or maybe other perch were straining him available, or taking his meal, or this lights are usually too vibrant…What is the Ph, Heat, Nitrates, Nitrites, ammonia, aquarium age.What do you think you’re feeding your pet we need guidance to try to assist you.

NO! usually do not put him inside tiny bit of cups the pet stores give, they are puny! any smaller fish tank, sure, and not a tumbler, or what ever he came up in.

I would purchase a several gallon tank instead.Bettas don’t require a huge tank, but those cups usually are too modest to serve to be a permanent residence.

oxygen in the cup doesnt make any difference.bettas air air in the surface.thats the way bettas survive such quite a while at the particular pet suppliers in cups

Might WHEN I ask dui lawyer las vegas chose to move a betta proper 55 gallon tank I’d personally assume because all Concerning ever saw was them in a small tank never a huge tank however anyways um im unclear on this specific as its been quite some time since post owned your betta also if the idea looks awful then maybe it is best to have checked out the tanks enviornment!

…Dude you’re likely to always preserve him in a small aquarium.

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