Is it OK to have the male ( daddy hamster) along with the new born s in the same cage?

there has to be a chance of the produce attacking or eating your babies

The dad will consume the babies the moment they keep the mother in case you leave him while in the cage.

You have to remove your ex boyfriend.Take him out from the room.Sometimes in the event he’s too towards the mama, she’ll get consumed with stress and kill the new borns herself.

Your rule is actually 1 hamster, 1 cage.They absolutely can’t share.

A number of people think dwarf or maybe “campbells” hamsters could live mutually…that’s any myth.Especially when there are helpless infants around.

I type campbells dwarf hamsters and Concerning always kept the father and mother in identical cage and also have never had a dilemma with pops eatting your babies, campbells dwarf hamsters is also the only hamster which will share some sort of cage together with another hamster and be content for life.For frequent hamsters just like syrian small hairs, teddys and also panda bears both males and females can merely be left inside the same cage when mateing 15 minutes to One hour max by using supervision.The new mother will care for the rest once the babies are usually born.

It will depend on what excellent your hamster provides towards some other hamsters.
In my case We’ve left your female the baby hamsters, the mother as well as daddy in one cage and the rest of the male the baby hamsters around another ring and i’v been doing that with the last HALF A DOZEN years.

yes he can eat them…

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