Is it ok to give a copy of my drivers license when watching dog?

I’m going to watch someone else’s dog for a few hours while they may be at job.We’ve already understood how a great deal ill receives a commission etc.He claimed all your dog wants is a copy involving my drivers license.This is actually the first time doing more of these.Is the item ok and also safe to offer someone my own drivers license

It’s easily proof involving identification.They are trying to shield himself and also his Puppy, if were you to to grab his Puppy and remove…He could know who were you to and could track people down.Give your ex a copy of your respective Drivers License if you want to watch their Dog, other wise (If they are smart) he will find many one else trend after their Dog if you don’t provide evidence of Identity.If your Social Stability Number is on your own Drivers license you may always individual a permanent marker or even white out to pay it, and other things you wouldn’t want him to understand.You may always consult this man for a copy regarding his license each month .as this is now an enterprise relationship of course , if he isn’t going to pay the best amount in which case you can effortlessly find your ex.
You’ve nothing to stress about when handing with a copy that will him, absolutely nothing is he can do with all your Drivers Licenses that he couldn’t perform by merely knowing your current name, correct, and phone number….Which he almost certainly already may.

He just really wants to know who you happen to be.He does not want that will trust their dog that will someone they couldn’t hunt down if you thought to steal his or her dog.Everything are probable & they are just making a point he may find you if something transpires with his doggie.Your individuals license is a legal way to obtain identification.

I don’t even think it is advisable to give him or her a copy of the idea but own him copy journey information he could be wanting.

It might try to be for their own “peace regarding mind”.If you have your public seecurity number on the driver’s license you need to black them out within the copy.Aside from that, you might always request your nearby Sheriff’s Deptartment in case there would be a reason this person is seeking it (maybe they’re known to get stealing clients’ identities)

you ought not give your current identification…it is possible to show your ex your INSIDE DIAMETER but he does not require the copy…maybe printing out something with all your name plus contact information but that is it…i are already dog sitting/walking regarding six years and no one has asked for a replicate of our ID…maybe just politely be sure he understands you aren’t comfortable with that and have if you find any information that you can SHOW the pup…and with just a person’s drivers licenses, an identity could be stolen…and should you be young and possess no credit, with merely that drivers license that will person could get tons of cards in a person’s name that will his address and you also would have no idea until you planned to access your individual credit…

Depends on your own state’s guidelines.I although all expresses removed SSN’s by licences.If all you’ve got is a driver’s driver’s licence number, they cannot steal your identification.Plus, you know this human being, its nothing like there would be a long listing of suspects.I survive the VA/TN edge, and the majority of car dealerships copy your current licence prior to they enable you to test get.I confident wouldn’t allow them copy my SS c

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