Is it ok for snakes to swallow dirt?

I just fed my baby snake a frozen pinky that I unthawed by placing in warm water.The problem is that when i dropped the pinky it landed in the dirt some of the dirt got on it and the snake swallowed it.Is this ok?

Snakes in the wild will swallow whatever happens to get on their food.Lacking any way of cleaning the food before consumption, it is common for them to swallow things such as dirt, flakes of tree bark, pieces of grass and/or dried leaves etc.Some things can be harmful and even fatal for the snake like sand for instance.Sand is rough and somewhat “edgy”, meaning it can damage the digestive tract of the snake resulting in internal bleeding and infection.Larger objects that can’t be digested can become lodged and block the intestinal tract resulting in infection and certain death of the snake.A little dirt should be no problem for them as long as there was no introduction of any chemicals used in gardening or fertilizer products.Hope this helps.

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