Is it normal for a newborn maltese terrier puppy to be this small?

It looks pretty normal in my opinion.Why, oh What makes they rental that small fellow can what it truly is doing The folks who made that training video are idiots!

That can be normal dimension if anything somewhat big for that Breed.Very healthy very, when infant pups can easily move in which fast they need lots of stamina many vigor, that is definitely what generate them survive of course if there are more inside litter it is first take place first offer at eating time by using momma.

Yes it is normal..This particular link can be helpful

yea, in connection with she/he gets enough use from it is really mother.monitor it, if seems like weak or is not really eating, take it into the vet to have it seen out

All puppies must be small enough to suit through your hip opening belonging to the mother.They grow from then on.

depends when breed for you to standard, genes
but yes these are a small dog.
doesn’t open

It can be a newborn it is great.Newborn chihuahuas are generally smaller therefore don’t anxiety.

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