Is it legal to buy and sell horse meat in the United States? (please help)?

I’m not thinking of purchasing, sell, or maybe eat deer meat.(I’m in fact a vegetarian).
I recognize that it truly is illegal in order to slaughter horses..but I was wondering if it can be legal to
get or advertise horse various meats..

I’m attempting to help a friend with a research project along with I is unable to find virtually any direct answers
towards the questions wherever.
If any person knows anything about the subject we’d really appreciate the exact help!

Thanks a ton.

Horse slaughter is actually banned while in the USA and that means it truly is illegal to help kill horses for individual consumption.

Many horses are provided for Canada to get slaughtered as it isn’t forbidden in Canada.I are now living Canada in addition to did a project about horse slaughter.

There is really a dutch diner in our city in which sells deer meat as well as Sobeys sells an italian meat which contains horse parts inside.

I don’t think its lawful, I tried googling Horse meat available but absolutely nothing came in place.I’m guaranteed if anyone wanted deer meat they’d should travel to acquire it

We would never have it, but it is far from something people in the usa eat.

Heres an affiliate site, japanese.Preaching about what they will like around horse meat inside comments

Most ground beef you buy while in the super economies is Deer..According on the USDA it truly is legal to get meat desks and food markets to content label horse seeing that beef, some steaks tend to be even moose meat you may tell by how grain habit is differnt in addition horse various meats is darker

THANK OUR GOD ITS CERTAINLY NOT LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its unpleasant and it has the illegal to help even ship considerable amounts of horses out from the country previously, but your “man-eaters” because we call them (the deer slaughter people) appear to manage to receive away about it.

It’s not really legal.Then again, there tend to be kill auctions through the US however.These horses are frequently sent in order to Canada or maybe Mexico regarding meat slaughter.

They forbidden slaughtering them and banned selling it many of them sell this in numerous contries though(sadly)


wanna eat me:-).

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