Is growling aggressive behaviour?

Not necessarily depends about the situation as well as other gestures the doggie is supplying although remember that a wagging butt doesn’t auto-magically mean pleased.A growl whilst playing is a harmless one but will depend on the problem.

Growling might be a warning with aggressive habits so when you are worried or confused get a behaviourist in to help when hasn’t have got to that level.In this mean occasion some googling into dog mental communication and gestures may allow you to understand what your canine is ‘saying’.

normally believe look in growling to be aggressive..but it really is a engage in growl.or it really is a defensive growl..we’d ask an expert.

growling in people definitely not they’re protective
growling during other pets territorial
growling in you yes

It will depend what they’re just growling about

Is they holding a shotgun as well as growling

depends about growl
choose to use trainer.

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