Is crystalline silica harmful to fish?

It’s while in the sand i got with regard to my fresh water aquarium.I viewed it up and apparently it is usually harmful in order to humans in the event that its inhaled.Would it be harmful in order to fish too

Crystalline silica, often called quartz, is inert.It may hurt humans once they inhale it, by aggravating the lung area, which can eventually cause a disease referred to as silicosis (miners acquire silicosis).But it surely doesn’t hurt humans with just body contact, or maybe if that they eat it.
Them won’t damages fish, because it just sits about the bottom from the tank.Fish don’t have lungs, and grit that masters their gills merely blows out again.

By the way, when you might be handling these items, it would have been a good thought to use a airborne dirt and dust mask.While it’s waterless, that will be; it would not have a lot loose particles when it’s wet.


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