Is a taser good to train a dog?

It’s type of like an invisible wall, right

H-E-C-K N-O-! –! -!

If you have that mentality i want to put it a means you might understand.In case you kicked a new dog it would get damage right Same as if anyone kicked you So let us apply of which theory to be able to what you have just explained.Would anyone respond properly to currently being trained by way of taser My views include the same in invisible fencing.I hope all people who hold their dogs in applying these suffer a powercut as well as their puppies escape for you to homes with a minimum of 1 braincell within the whole property.

no! thats abusive! that may SERIOUSLY hurt a canine! dont EVER work with a taser for a dog! it would literally get rid of it! small children have passed on when click with tasers, and dogs are the same measurement.please, install the fence, purchase a bark harasser, when they certainly bad points just grab the solidly (but not really with mashing force! more gentle! ) by snouth and appearance them from the eyes and also say “no! ” (dont shout either! ).accomplishing this will adequately train doggie.a taser will be never okay.please i highly recommend you please dont make use of it

no don’t achieve that.You kind of like the item because anyone with the 1 getting stunned alright.I think that is cruel instead of a very effective way to coach your canine.

God, how stupid don’t you people find!!! No!!! Maybe you need to go back to school and learn with your taser..

Of course it can be fine, an individual taser on your own and expectation it receives your dang neural working.

I realize you are a troll I recently couldn’t resist

Ummm NO!! Tasers as well as invisible fences are two totally different things..TEND NOT TO do that to your dog..

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