Is a hamster fun/worth it?

I am 15 and I need a hamster if dad will let me get 1.But MY SPOUSE AND I wanna know could they be fun to play with I’m keen holding fuzzy litle animals so.And also I dont necessarily mean like outrageous rats….Lol…Also if you are which kind of hamster can i get

Hamsters are worth it if you think its more than worth it.To be honest, Hamsters don’t cost a whole lot of.At the starting you will need quite a good amount for getting everything, but after everything is determined up it is going to cost less expensive.And i suggest you to acquire a syrian if you would like play with hamsters, BUT get a larger crate or reservoir.But if you would like have the smaller hamster, get a dwarf hamster.I suggest to an individual a winter season white hamster.

I would match a Golden Hamster, Teddy Bear, Panda Tolerate, they are however breed just different colors/patterns/hair kinds.They want to be held by far the most and are living the longest.(Up to Three years.) Dwarf Hamsters are generally cuter, but they need a touch different needs and are harder for you to tame/handle.

Hamsters are generally GREAT enjoyable!!

If you want a smaller hamster, (yet fine, ) WHEN I suggest a new Russian Dwarf Hamster.
If you want a bigger hamster, make sure you get a Syrian Hamster.(WARNING:Will not put a couple Syrian’s jointly…They can fight to be able to DEATH!! )

Enjoy with a person’s hamster:D

They are generally! I’m getting my 1 / 3 one next week.If you are getting just one, get a new Syrian.These are so a lot nicer as compared to dwarfs.I beloved my Syrians after they were survive.Very snuggly.Their fur can be very smooth.They’ll run over your hands and with plastic hamster balls.Hamsters are generally great.

yea these are! just understand that they tend to be mostly sleeping in the daytime but during the night there true identity happens.

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