If you were stranded on an island would you…….?

When you were stranded on an island with all your dog also , you both were to the verge connected with dieing by starvation ever eat your pet or an issue else

I’ll have my dog to pick up something with luck.Nothing beats the rate of a German Shepherd.He is got more hunting competencies than my home.This means, I’ll possess a continuous meals supply.Killing the dog will certainly break our heart and only give me for a time.
I also discover how to fish and catch crabs.Shellfish along with fish is definitely plentiful upon islands, and I understand some edible vegetation and profits.

If the dog was a common food resource left precisely why would MY PARTNER AND I eat her We’d just perish after my personal body uses up that little bit of meat.I’d rather die having my dog rather then die stranded on it’s own after ingesting my pet.Besides, she has a Chihuahua eating her wouldn’t help.

Listen a person stay away from my dreams.Had ours last nite, nice island however.No I’d not consume my canine.Out with all the different bugs on the globe it is roaches WHEN I absolutely can’t stand, I could eat these first.

As a last resort, I’d eat vegetation, fruits, and many others.
To acquire meat to the dog, It’s safe to catch chickens, catch turtles, find fish.

id go make a spear and kill fish however , not eat my personal dog hes as being a best friend if you ask me.hes for instance my system gaurd in addition to wont allow anything contact me

Something otherwise totally.Unless pet was already looking to eat my home.

Do anything else.Im sure there’s something on your island we could eat.

You never really know what you would likely do until you might be in your situation.

I agree with Keith

I would certainly eat facilities.

i will not eat the dog…i’d lay along beside the woman’s and die though…

something else

id rather let the dog take in me as i want him a great deal of, i may never feed on him

I would try to look for an yet another food reference.

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