If i were to transfer snails from a tank contaminated with ich into a clean aquarium, would any problems occur?

My goldfish reservoir is degraded and you want to address them, however the copper within the medicine can harm my snails.Would just about any harm end up being done by way of transferring that snails into a different tank which has no disease

There can be a risk of accidentally moving some of the Ich parasites to the new tank combined with snails.

If the new aquarium has simply no fish, then this may not be an issue because the parasites wont find a host, and will certainly die away after a few days, so the snails are going to be “clean” once you return them on the main aquarium.

In case your other aquarium does possess fish, they could then end up being infected very.

So utilize a quarantine tank with the snails by yourself, and everything shall be safe.For a variety of snails you are able to probably continue then in the plastic storeroom bin to get a week for you to two because you treat the chief tank.Write “hostpital tank” to the side, and change the water frequently and will have them OK.


yes all that’s within the contaminated gas tank with ich is often a possible provider for ich thus unless you want to contaminate your clean tank i might suggest getting an ich treatment that could not hurt snails or place the snails in the quarantine fish tank until your ich has cleared up and treat the snails together with something apart from the photographer stuff.

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